Brawl Stars Animation: Barley's Last Call!

Publicado em 31 Jul 2020
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  • 1mn 😱

  • I can't believe this is 7 months old...time passes way too fast..

  • RIP piper

  • Barley went sicko mode

  • starrbark scery😳😳

  • 1:17 Poco: You broke my guitar

  • COOL

  • 1 million likes?? Omg

  • BS animation: Barley op Game: Barely spawns Mortis: "allow me to introduce myself"


  • the mortis in the back when barley is enraged is just: i can clap u if i want but i won't

  • The animation is increadible

  • Calll

  • Good job BRAWL STARS :

  • 1:06

  • Has more views than the Brawl Stars Official Trailer

  • Honestly they make good ads and I would watch it all the time

  • Mortis is dead 0:21

  • Nita- w h y

  • wow 1 mn like amg

  • now Byron plis :D

  • WOW

  • Felicidades te has encontrado un comentario en español :D

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  • Интересный факт: Это видео самое популярное на канале Бравл Старса

  • cuando se enoja barley atras de ellos esta el shipeo de poco x emz 0:42

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  • I need the music 🙆🤡💔

  • Damm the views

  • Guenardo

  • 0:36

  • Just imagine you get a angry barley skin for free by watching this the first or second day the animation was released

  • Piper,barley who will be next?

  • Here after this became the most popular vid of brawl stars channel

  • Hope supercell make a cinematic for all brawlers eventually

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  • Oha

  • El mejor juego de mundo

  • Restaurant managers normally: all smiles Restaurant managers if murder was legal:

  • You see.? Barley can't heart Piper

  • 0:49

  • Brawl stars Rised So Much damn

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  • This got 159 million viewers a lot even for pewdiepie and mr beast ans T sieres

  • Popolar 1. 159 mn

  • This vid got 159 million view I think every brawl stars player seen this vid

  • This is my favorite brawl stats animation😍

  • Сообразительный барли)

  • When did Barely became Tara?

  • Jajaja

  • Fun fact: This is currently the most viewed Brawl Stars video

  • I feel sorry for one dynamometer😔

  • Ты наконец-то нашол руского чела

  • Does anyone have a fire exitinguisher ?

  • Nita eat like she's a dog lol😂😂😂

  • Nadie Yo: Está animación ya alcanzó las vistas del No Time To Explain

  • How did Jessie get into the Bar? Because she's a child

  • Finally this video is the most watched video on the channel

  • 0:21 "Time to rest"

  • Is oficcially this is the. Most popular animation in brawl stars 2021

  • 🙂

  • 0:03 professor Layton?


  • 158 milion 😳

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  • Can I join brawl stars champion chip 2021

  • hope everyone had insurance

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  • Молодец, ты увидел русский комментарий.

  • I really like how each member of the Townsfolk trio (Barley, Piper and Byron) is actually kind of evil or psychotic in their own ways Barley is a seemingly kind and calm bartender, but has a very short fuse and will take out his anger on his customers should they cause any sort of minor inconvenience Piper is a polite young woman who sells baked goods, but also *literal grenades* - she uses said grenades and her umbrella sniper rifles to attack other brawlers at any given opportunity And while Byron does sell things like Barley and Piper do, he's a snake oil salesman - a con artist/scammer who's only out to exploit people for their money

  • 0:20 friends, see the Mortis on the back he is seriously dying

  • 0:20 rıp mortis

  • 0:10 look at me grooving! I love it!

  • Sad barley :(

  • When I always lose 0:42

  • Artem Backin

  • I like how they are all drinking like beer and stuff but since nitas a kid she’s eating spaghetti

  • Ахуеть

  • barley in terminator mode

  • Idk why but you guys make the best phone game commercials. They are so entertaining to watch

  • 00:41 Reallly Barley? And 00:25 Ahh Nita

  • We need a new one with Byron

  • ¿Alguien sabe los acordes de la guitarra en el final?

  • I love Pipers little dance. Also can we see an animation for Mr.P

    • He basically was in the snowman tick one. I think there’s going to be an animation of Byron.

  • 0:07 ok so robot also breathe

  • 0:06 right side o_o

  • 1:02 my moms madness when she figures out i got a 10/100 on my test/exam

  • Do it speed 0.75 in 1:25

    • ?what happened here?

  • 0:48 barley: deli ettiniz lan beniiiii

  • 0:42 when i lose in brawl stars


  • 158m views ppl like barley ig

  • 0.06 second bibi ❤ crow

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  • I have this:robot

  • The robot is as evil as hell

  • Poco: AAAAA HELP MEEEE FIREEEE A AAAAAA EMZ: a good time For a photo 😎 0:42